"Когда человек узнает, что движет звёздами, Сфинкс засмеётся и жизнь на Земле иссякнет" (иероглифическая надпись на скале храма Абу-Симбел, Египет, 1260 г. до н.э.), "Любовь, что движет солнце и светила" (Данте Алигьери, "Божественная комедия"), "Радуйтесь тому, что имена ваши записаны на небесах" (Лука, 10:20); "Число душ в Космосе равно числу звезд и распределено по одной на каждой звезде" (Платон, "Тимей", 41е); "У каждого в глазах своя звезда" (Хафиз Ширази); "- Хотел бы я знать, зачем звёзды светятся... - Наверное, затем, чтобы рано или поздно каждый мог вновь отыскать свою" (Антуан де Сент-Экзюпери, "Маленький принц"); "Зачем рыдать под звездой, которую всё равно не снять с неба? Она совершит начертанный ей путь. А ты совершай свой" (Иван Ефремов, "Таис Афинская").

воскресенье, 12 мая 2013 г.

Nebra sky Disk

The 'Nebra sky Disk' was an ancient star map discovered in East Germany at the turn of the 21st century.

Prior to this discovery, the people of Bronze-Age Europe were seen as savage and uncivilised, but the sky disk turned this concept on its head. The star map was constructed at around 1600BC, predating Egyptian and Mesopotamian astronomy by hundreds of years, making it the oldest navigating tool in history.

Mapping the heavens was nothing new to our ancient ancestors. They recorded the motion of our sun's annual cycle thousands of years before, using monuments like Stonehenge.

What makes the Nebra Sky-Disk so extraordinary is that it was the first ever portable navigating system. This astral chart allowed Neolithic man to determine when a religious ceremony was due, how to navigate the seas, or when to harvest his crops.

However, there still remain many mysteries contained within the chart. For example, no one can explain what all the heavenly bodies on the disk represent, or why the Pleiades system was so important.

In my short stories, I'll offer a secret revelation hidden within the ciphers of the sky disk. This was not just a chart of heavenly cycles - the disk may well have been a map, pointing to a profound cosmic event.

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